Seagulls circling a bright blue sky, ice cream scoops handed out of a van with the church bells ringing, laughter and ice cubes clinking in glasses on a deck overlooking the sea, bare feet in white sand, windswept hair on the beach, a white dress billowing in the breeze, dunes with waves of grass stretching all the way to the horizon, a golden sunset and twinkling lights on sail boats bobbing to wish a good night.

Abbie wanted a beach wedding at Shell Bay. She grew up here and the seaside is in her heart and will now be a part of her and Will’s story for a lifetime.

Massive thank you to Sarah Gawler for being my wing woman throughout the day. All photographed on Fuji 400 and Kodak Tri-X, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

© 2016 Ann-Kathrin Koch. Images look best without watermarks on them so please don’t use these photos without my permission.

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