On Croatian mussels, pebbles and relaxation.

When we were planning the rest of our summer holiday I told Marco straight away that we’d have to factor in some quality beach time. Driving through the northern part of the southern part or Europe (what?), “beach” is almost always what you are promised but almost never what you’ll get. It’s all my parents fault. Turns out I was horribly spoilt as a child when I whiled away weeks and weeks of summer vacation on white sandy beaches with palm trees, coconuts and turquoise water. On the Italian coast between France and Livorno you’ll get pebbles if you’re lucky. And tons of sunburnt, beer-bellied Germans to take in the sea with you.

We took a hard look at the map and when browsing the internet for more ideas of where to go I stumbled upon pictures and pictures of turquoise water and white sandy beaches – in Croatia. Just two hours from where we were going anyway. Okay, so the sandy beaches are way further South, in Dalmatia. But it turns out the sea is just as clear and turquoise when you enter it via concrete steps. Lying on a white cushioned sun-lounger under a shady umbrella with a good book in one and a cold drink in the other hand sandy beaches suddenly seem way overrated.

Taking in the sea with our feet up, gazing upon the pale blue horizon we were so relaxed I took exactly 6 photos. Two of which are taken from inside our hotel room. We were just too busy stuffing ourselves with Apfelstrudel, more fresh mussels than one person could ever eat and drinking local wine. Croatia = two thumbs up.

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apfelstrudel by the sea? i’m going.


I’m a big, big fan of Croatia! I want to go back – now!


Just discovered your blog!
I was enraptured with every word, love.
Gorgeous work.


Charlotte, it appears the Austro-Hungarian empire stretched far enough to leave delicious baked pastry dishes to develop their own brilliance with a Croatian touch. Even at 30 degree summer weather at a seaside bar it tasted wonderful.

Astrid – it’s great, isn’t it? Where did you go?

Thanks so much, Amanda. :) I’m glad to hear you like it. How’s winter in Vancouver treating you?


In love with these photos, AK. The first and the last ones in particular.

Now I have an aching to travel.
(I know where to find lots of white sandy beaches. Wink, nudge.)


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