Meet Me in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago my friend Jennifer from New York was chatting to us as Marco and I cooked dinner. She and her husband Dan were well overdue a vacation. Just them, no kids. Ideally they’d wanted to come to Europe, somewhere they had never been before (ruling out England, Spain and France) and even better – somewhere they could meet us! Marco and I looked at each other, I turned back to the computer and only typed one word – Amsterdam!

And here we were, three weeks later. We had sunshine, poffertjes, galleries and museums, boat rides, delicious dinners and Belgian beers. We laughed too much and walked too far. I love Amsterdam, it’s a city that will always hold a special place in my heart. It was also the perfect spot to test out MY NEW CAMERA. We had an absolutely wonderful time – thank you Jen and Dan for flying out to see us. We’ll be visiting you in New York soon!

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Die neue Kamera macht excellente Fotos. Amsterdam steht auch auf meiner Reisewunschliste, vielleicht im nächsten Jahr.:)


Very nice overview and great pictures, as usual. We had a blast too.


Beautiful photos!
Though I thought at first that you’ve been to Rome when I sar the Parmigiano Reggiano ;-)


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