April 2011


What would happen if you put together firemen, a couture wedding dress, a whole avalanche of designer shoes, two most adorable bridesmaids, a first dance choreographed to Vanilla Ice, an X-Factor star as surprise evening entertainment and a Spring day that felt like Summer? more


As I was making my way up the gravelled path towards the main house the butterflies in my stomach only seemed to get more agitated rather than calm down. more


I have been incredibly busy with work the past four weeks and have spent most of my days being holed up inside. more


Apparently going from a balmy 20 degrees with burning sun to 7 degrees (“feels like -1″) with gale force winds and rain that’s lashing sideways against your windows is somewhat draining on your immune system. more


A few weeks ago a small miracle happened. I had a portrait shoot planned with Janina on a Thursday afternoon and it was rainy, freezing and windy outside. more