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I have always loved the seaside. My grandparents used to live right by the Baltic Sea for six months each year and my brother and me got to spend a lot of holidays and weekends with them, enjoying the forceful salty sea wind blowing into our little faces. These days I do like to go into the mountains every now and then but a few days in and I am craving the vast open space of the ocean.

This last week I got to spend a few days with my parents on Mallorca. While the weather sadly wasn’t exactly what you’d expect it to be in June I really didn’t mind as long as I got to inhale that salty air. Plus angry skies are much prettier to photograph! Other than delicious Rioja and manchego, this is what my mind has been occupied with this past week:


  • Being a German, I am obsessed with looking at my website statistics. I particularly enjoy what kind of search results made people end up on my site. A few months ago, Miss Germany had been crowned. That in itself is not really groundbreaking news and has nothing to do with me. But it turns out her name is Anne-Kathrin Kosch. And people do like to google her. And then end up in my stats.

  • Last week I linked to a few other photography blogs that I like and read. I also read a lot of other blogs that are not necessarily photography related.
    • Hei Astrid from Norway is a cornucopia of design related finds and photos mixed with Astrid’s fantastic daily live musings.
    • Smitten Kitchen is a wonderful substitute for a cooking book as all her recipes are quite easy to follow and 99% of the dishes are simply mouthwatering. The other 1% may contain roquefort cheese which I hate.
    • Young Hose Love is a welcome break from the beautiful but painfully expensive interiors in Living etc. magazine I like to salivate over. It never fails to amaze me what you could actually do yourself if you had just a small amount of skill and a massive amount of time. Until that happens to me I will read about it and then go buy something not nearly as nice in a cheap shop.
  • I have just signed up and bought my ticket for the Unveiled event in London in two weeks. If anyone else is going I’d love to meet up! Let me know if you do.
  • A little while ago I have been featured on the Wedding Photography Blog Wedtog. They wrote a very nice article about me and have lots of other interesting stuff on their site as well, so head on over and have a look.

In case you are wondering, yes, a bottle of Rioja will make it back to England in one piece if you roll it in enough cushy clothing. I’ll go back now to enjoying my last glass of it. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


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Das erste Foto ist zum Reinspringen, die letzten beiden, mit ihrem dramatischen Himmeln haben auch etwas ganz besonderes.

Eine schöne Zeit dir!


Thanks for linking to my blog, sweet you :-)


You are welcome, Astrid! :)

Danke, Kristin! Schön aber regnerisch war’s.


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