This Is Britain

A few weeks ago my dad turned 70 and my brother and I invited him and my mum over to England for a long weekend. My parents had been to England before but never in the West Midlands. Same for my brother and his girlfriend. After I had ensured that we had quintessential English weather I rented a car with automatic (makes the driving on the wrong side of the road slightly less terrifying), enlisted Marco as my tour guide and took them all out for some castles, staring at Shakespeare houses, curries, cream tea and steam railway riding.

I think it’s fair to say they all had a wonderful time. Now they are threatening to come back really soon and I’ll have to think of more English activities.

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Are you parents not the very best looking parents that ever parented? Wow.


Since they ARE my parents and I look A LOT like them I’ll have to agree with you!


I knew you came from good stock!


I LOVE the one of your mum with Marco. I love them all, really.

Also Papa-fant!


Aw, thank you Jo and Steph!

Also, that is my favourite photo as well, Steph. Clearly my mum could not stop talking whilst the photo was being taken. :)


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