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Last week we went to Manchester to see Björk as part of the Manchester International Festival with the world premier of her new show, Biophilia. I used to love Björk as a teenager and really enjoyed her last album in 2007. At the same time I had no idea what to expect since she is, well, Björk! That might have been the best way to approach this show – don’t expect anything. It was like nothing I could have imagined anyway. There was a choir of 24 Icelandic girls dancing rhythmically along to their angel-like singing, a Tesla coil with tuned electric sparks, a giant gravitational harp based upon pendulums and only 1800 people in the audience, standing around the stage in a loose circle. In other words it was insane. And brilliant. If you have a chance of seeing her show anywhere near you – do it. It was simply amazing.

In other news:

  • The lovely people over at liked my Lightroom tutorials so much that they re-posted them. Thanks guys!
  • I like cake. And photos. Which is why I am pleased that my photo of an especially pretty cake won another award in the WPJA quarterly contest.
  • I also went to the cinema last week to see “Beginners“. While it was actually even better than I expected it was also really sad. Yes, I cried, into my sugary treats. But in a very quiet way so no one noticed (still quite undignified, really. Not sure there is another way to cry in cinemas).

Enjoy the week, everybody. If it is anywhere near as cold and miserable as it is here where you are don’t fret – it can only get better.

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Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed her show. The way you described it sounds how I felt after I saw her. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. She blew my mind.
Biophilia sounds amazing!


Your comment beforehand made me quite excited to go, actually! And yes – it was so good! If you get a chance go see her. :)


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