With A Little Help From My Friends

I am having a bit of a fashion crisis and thought I’d see if my female blog readers (or fashionable male blog readers, of course) can help me out.

This is my brother Michael. He is getting married at the end of the month! I’ll be his best (wo)man, sister and photographer on the day and I have one big problem. I have no idea what to wear. I can’t wear a dress I already have. This needs to be something special as I only have this one brother and I am excited to see him get married to his wonderful girlfriend, Marion.

Which is why I need your help. Please tell me where I should go! Which shop can you recommend for classy, flattering, non-frilly dresses that will not burst at the seems if I bend over to get that shot of my uncle’s shoes? Do you know a place where I can find beautiful dresses that will make me look awesome but not shock my bank manager? I’m looking for recommendations in the Hamburg or Birmingham area. Online shops work as well as long as you can order within the next few days and return items for free. I’ll be forever grateful!

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i so wish i could help you out, but i’m usually in the same crisis as you! (i usually solve it by making something myself which is only sometimes a good solution). but i definitely plan to poach all of your readers’ suggestions :)

also, can i just say that your future sister-in-law is one lucky woman? well, i just did. congrats to your brother!


I feel for you – it’s hard enough to do one job at a wedding and look great, harder to do two.
I’m not great on shopping tips (I generally buy at charity stores and go for a retro look) but my sister recently put me on to bargainista fashionista, who, as well as having shopping suggestions, also suggested this: http://www.bargainistafashionista.com/2010/12/day-1-girl-meets-dress.html
Good luck! I look forward to seeing the photos.


Julia – well, first off: thank you! :) He’ll be pleased to see that. I was actually going to have a seamstress make me a dress but ran out of time. I am hopeless in the sewing/crafty department, so making it myself is not such a good idea. Especially for everyone else who would then have to try not to look too shocked!

Skye – oooh, thanks for that! Definitely worth checking out.

Denise Atkins
July 6, 2011 8:04 pm

A friend recently linked to this site – some quite nice and unusual stuff on there. http://www.dollydagger.co.uk
Otherwise I guess the usual suspects like John Lewis, House of Fraser are worth a go. Or Selfridges/Harvey Nicks if you’re feeling really flush!
Or you could try http://www.very.co.uk – they some nice ‘occasionwear’ dresses
Good luck!


Hi, do you know “Coast”? They do have stores in London, I’m not sure about Birmingham though. You can also order online: http://www.coast-stores.com
Good luck :)


Well it is sale time- Coast maybe? http://www.coast-stores.com

And don’t sneer but Debenhams does have some pretty nice frocks.


Excellent suggestions, Ladies!
I have actually been in Coast and tried on about 20 dresses. No joke. Sadly the ones that I liked didn’t like me, they were just not right for my shape. Also since the sales are on they didn’t always have my size or are pretty low on stock in general. I have now ordered one online to try on at home that I didn’t find in the shop. Fingers crossed!
Deb – I would never sneer! This is exactly the kind of advice I am looking for. :)

Adeline Keirle
July 7, 2011 9:44 am

Try Zara they always have fab dresses for occassions and have a killer sale right now, or any concession stand in Topshop. I love CiCi’s & Annie Greenabelle.

Otherwise, Hobbs, Reiss & Mango although slightly more expensive!


Thanks, Ad! :) Knew I could count on you.

Adeline Keirle
July 7, 2011 10:04 am

If you like anything on Annie Greenabelle then buy this! A £15 voucher for £45 to spend on their website!!
Randomly our wedding stationer used to design dresses for them!!



kennst du das hier? ist in hamburg. http://www.garment-online.de viel glück!


That is pretty random, Ad! :) Thanks so much for that voucher, will keep it in mind.

Doro – jaaaaa! Bei denen habe ich mich vor Jahren mal ein einen Mantel verliebt der aber nie erschwinglich für mich war. Ich liebe die geraden Linien.


I recently found Jaegar Boutique in House of Fraser Birmingham, it’s the younger, quirkier collection of Jaegar. I thought they had some really stylish dresses, fashionable but quirky and very different, quite expensive c£150 for a dress but only a bit more than Coast. Definately worth a look.


Have a look at grayandosbourne.co.uk, they used to be really good, heard they’ve been taken over, but should still be worth a look. Jaeger is good too, good quality and classy!


Sorry, it’s grayandosbourne.co.uk, without an ‘e’ on the end..


Ann Taylor has a lot of classy dresses as well as J.Crew.


Thanks all you lovely people!

Jo – I’ve only been to Selfridges so far, House of Fraser is next.

Lidija – excellent tip, thank you! Lovely dresses there.

Kristin – I wish I could go to J. Crew, but they don’t have nay shops outside of the US and don’t ship to Europe. :(


generell marktstraße und schanze (susannenstraße und “wie es euch gefällt” in der juliusstraße) oder hast du mal bei cos geschaut? viel erfolg!


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