Bey Bey & Cornelius, A Wedding in Blankenese

First it snowed. Thick, heavy flakes coming down like leaves from a tree, covering the world outside my window in white. And that got me a little excited. After all, for a winter wedding what more can you ask for than snow? But then it rained. Just as heavily as the snow and it washed away all traces of white. The temperatures stayed as cold as it had been for days and it couldn’t have been any more awful outside. Luckily Bey Bey and Cornelius didn’t care about what it was like outside and instead made sure it was warm and toasty inside.

These two got married on a Friday in December in a civil office in Hamburg and celebrated this on a Saturday with all of their friends and families. When I say “all” I do mean all – it was an incredible amount of people who showed up. The effort and pure joy that went into this wedding was quite incredible too. From the amazing Astrid who did a wonderful job with Bey Bey’s hair and make-up, tasty food and excellent service from the team of Sagebiels, heart-warming speeches by both fathers and gut-busting-with-laughter “entertainment” by best man Kai and numerous friends to beautiful flowers by Saxifraga. Plus! A strawberry cake in December.

Watching two families being united by a couple in love is something I will never tire of. In the end it doesn’t matter what happens outside – it’s the inside that counts.


Venue and Food: Sagebiels Fährhaus Blankenese
Hotel: Strandhotel Blankenese
Dress: Kaviar Gauche Berlin
Groom’s Attire: Conrad Hasselbach Shoes & Garment Hamburg
Hair and Make Up: Astrid Holk
Flowers: Saxifraga
Cake: Konditorei Lindtner
Black Cab: Driver’s Own



© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2011. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don't use the photos without asking me first.




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Wow, what an amazing wedding and beautiful photos (again, but that goes without saying really.)
I love (in no particular order): her lovely bouquet, the fish, his velvet jacket, the cake, her shoes (both pairs!), the fabulous shot of the glasses being raised for the toast, the art nouveau doors and the little lad in the woolly hat.
Also, where did she get those toe-less tights? I need some.


This is great and I don’t blame them at all for staying inside – it looks rather cold! The opening shot by the window is my favourite.


Thanks, you two!

Denise, the tights are great, aren’t they? I had no idea either they existed. They were simply toe-less stockings by Falke, pretty sure they’d have something like it at House of Frasier.


Love these Ann-Kathrin, some really lovely portraits and a beautifully relaxed capture of the day. Perfection.


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