Square Bears

I’ve just got my medium format film scans from Adeline and Andy’s bear shoot back from the lab and wanted to share them with you. Andy is a big fan of the Hasselblad and I’ll be using it lots for their wedding day. We never planned to use the Hasselblad for the pre-wedding shoot but I found it only fitting to document the bears outing in the woods on proper film. Looking at these shots I am quite glad we did! It was only a quick 10 minute window at the end of the day as the sun was setting behind a hill but to me the look of film does make all the difference.

I am also really happy to share the good news that Adeline is blogging as a “real bride” over at Whimsical Wonderland Wedding. Their bear photos are featured on there today so head on over if you haven’t been yet and leave some love for the awesome Lou who is doing a great job with a fantastic blog.

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Brilliant work, love this shoot more everytime I see it. x


Ha! Best e-shoot ever. This is BRILLIANT.


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