Portrait Photographer Cotswolds


What could possibly go wrong? It’s the Cotswolds, one of the prettiest areas there is. There is a view. And it’s summer time so flowers will be in bloom and the sun shall shine upon us.

Instead it rained upon us, we were overrun by a herd of drenched cows who ate Emma’s cardi and the view was nowhere to be seen. But Emma and Mike plowed on through the worst of the downpour and we had a whale of a time running from the cows and trying to shelter under one umbrella. These two are getting married in just a week and frankly, what could possibly go wrong?

Beautiful view Cotswolds from Birdlip Hill Portrait photographer Cotswolds Walking in the Cotswolds Bridlip Hill free roaming cows Portrait session on Birdlip Hill in the Cotswolds Walking on Birdlip Hill Happy couple laughing in the rain Dancing in the rain on Birdlip Hill A couple dancing in the rain in the Cotswolds Cotswolds Portrait Photographer Cotswolds portrait photographer A couple on Birdlip Hill A couple portrait shoot in the Cotswolds Birdlip Hill Portrait Session

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Ahhh these are gorgeous. That last photo is a wee bit stunning! I love that you all just got on with it and had fun anyway, regardless of the weather. :)


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