Powerscourt House Wedding


“These two are next” Glynis said to me with a barely noticeable nod in the direction of Naomi and Mark cuddled up close. She has a knowing smile on her face and adds: “They are good together.” That was two years ago at Daniel and Emily’s wedding. Daniel is Mark’s brother. And Glynis is Mark’s mother.

Fast forward to earlier this year and it’s Glynis again who gets in touch, telling me how Naomi and Mark got engaged and how they’ll get married this year and if possible, how they’d all love to have me there as the photographer again. This may seem odd at first but not if you know the Good family – they are truly fabulous people. Every single one of them. And I now count Naomi and her family among them as yet again I was able to be a part of an amazing wedding day. Coming back to Ireland and walking into a house full of people I knew felt a little bit like sinking into a warm, soft pillow. Exhale and relax. And take it all in.

What followed was a most wonderful ceremony at Crinken Church, a drinks reception in the almost-sunny  but still quite blustery afternoon with a view over Powerscourt Gardens and a reception at Powerscourt House. There was so much warmth and happiness around us, so much laughter and joy that I can only agree with what Glynis said to me two years ago: They are good together.

Photographed on Kodak Portra 400 and Tri-X, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

A street in Dublin, Ireland 003_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 005_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Irish wedding with a groom getting ready at home Ford Model A wedding car in front of the bride's house Bride and flowergirl Flowers for an Irish wedding at Powerscourt House Irish wedding at Powerscourt House 016_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 018_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Crinken church in Bray, Co. Wicklow Ireland 020_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Irish wedding at Crinken Church in Bray Ford Model A wedding car in front of Crinken Church Ireland 024_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Flowergirl walking into Crinken Church in bray for an Irish wedding 027_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Bride walking into Crinken church for her Irish wedding 029_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 030_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 031_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 032_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 034_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 035_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 036_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Bride and groom walking happily through confetti at Crinken Church in Bray, Ireland 038_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 039_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Irish wedding at Powerscourt House in County Wicklow 041_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Bridesmaids at Irish wedding at Powerscourt Estate Groomsmen at an Irish wedding at Powerscourt Estate 053_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Powerscourt House wedding in Co. Wicklow, IrelandNaomi and Mark's wedding at Powerscourt, Ireland048_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house051_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Ireland wedding at Powerscourt HouseNaked cake at an Irish wedding at Powerscourt House 056_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 057_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house058_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Happy bride and groom at Powerscourt House wedding 063_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 064_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house Powerscourt Estate wedding 068_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house069_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 071_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house 081_annkathrinkoch_ireland_wedding_powerscourt_house


© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2014. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.

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Awesome wedding! You captured so many heartfelt moments. And Ireland is truly beautiful, especially on a Good day ;-)


What a lovely introduction! We absolutely felt the same way, we loved having you there. Thanks again for capturing the day so perfectly. x


Ann your photos of this wedding are absolutely stunning. Love your work. It was really great for us to also be a part of this wonderful day. Hopefully you will get over to Dublin again soon! If you do, drop in and say hi.


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