Barnsley House Wedding


Amy looks up at the glass ceiling of the conservatory which is covered in little drops of rain at this point. She instinctively draws her robe a little tighter around her and I can see the worry cross her face for a brief second. “It’ll be fine” everyone else in the room keeps on repeating like a mantra and Amy can’t help but smile. She sighs and shakes her head whilst laughing. “I know it will!”

Just half an hour later all of Amy and Matthew’s friends and families sit under big trees outside Barnsley House, umbrellas stashed away and plastic coverings taken off the grey and pink pom poms in the trees. Matthew takes one big breath and turns around to see Amy walk down the aisle next to her dad, a giant smile on her face. It’s a beautiful day in late May and despite the dark clouds and odd rain shower here and there Amy and Matthew are getting married outside. I’m glad it all worked out, for Amy’s sake who’s had her heart set on having an outdoor ceremony but mostly because it’s truly beautiful out there under the massive old oak tree.

Although incredible on the inside, it’s the gardens where Barnsley House really shines on a day like this. In the Spring all the flowers are in full bloom and they compliment Amy’s theme of slate grey, sage green and blush pink perfectly. Working alongside a dream team consisting of Jodie Hazlewood for the impeccable make-up, Shutterbox Films for an out of this world film and Anna Clarke lending me a helping hand (thank you!) was a treat as well, and Natalie from Barnsley House made all of our jobs so much easier.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Wedding Stationary  grey and slate Barnsley House Wedding Wedding at Barnsley House with a Jaguar e Type wedding car 005_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 006_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 007_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 008_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding Clay pigeon shooting at Barnsley House Barnsley House Wedding Bridal preparations at Barnsley House Bride at Barnsley House wedding Jenny Peckham headpiece on a bride at Barnsley House wedding Bride getting ready for her wedding at Barnsley House Make-up for a bride at Barnsley House wedding 016_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 017_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding Bride at Barnsley House putting on her Suzanne Neville dress Suzanne Neville bridal dress at a Barnsley House Barnsley House wedding photography 021_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 022_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 023_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding Bridesmaids in Two Birds dresses walking down the aisle at outside ceremony at Barnsley House Two Birds Bridesmaids in pale blue at an outside ceremony at Barnsley House Barnsley House wedding photography 027_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding Barnsley House wedding ceremony outside at the temple A summer wedding at Barnsley House Two Birds Bridesmaids dressesat a wedding at Barnsley House Cotswolds wedding photographer Couple portraits at Barnsley House Barnsley House wedding photographer Suzanne Neville Blossom dress at Barnsley House wedding A Spring wedding at Barnsley House in the Cotslwolds Barnsley House wedding decorations in dining room Peonies as table decorations at Barnsley House 038_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 039_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 040_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 041_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 042_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding Cream three tier wedding cake with peonies at Barnsley House wedding 044_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding Barnsley House photography Cotswolds 046_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 047_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 048_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 049_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding 050_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_weddingBarnsley House wedding photographer 052_annkathrinkoch_barnsley_house_wedding


© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2014. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without asking me first.

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