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“And this is Villa Oliviero?” I ask the taxi driver, quizzically eyeing the narrow lane ahead. It’s parked full of scooters and leading to seemingly never-ending stairs that disappear behind a corner. “Si!” he beams and is gone. Now I know why they call it high noon, I think to myself as I drag my gear up the steps. So many steps. I’ve been in Positano for 36 hours now and I’m certain I’ve climbed at least 35426 steps. It’s inevitable. And yes, it’s not the worst thing in the world to have to go up and down some steps when you’re on the Amalfi Coast photographing a destination wedding in Positano, but it’s August and it’s hot. But also beautiful. It’s so beautiful I still can’t believe my eyes every time I glimpse a bit of the azure sea through a gap in between the houses. A sweaty 20 minutes later I’ve finally reached the top of the steps and am being greeted by a little sign next to a gate: Villa Oliviero. This is where Sophie and Jonathon are staying and where they’ll be getting married later today. It’s definitely worth the climb as the view from all three terraces is incredible.

This English girl named Sophie met an Australian boy named Jonathon when she was travelling through Australia a few years ago. Now they’ve made a home in Australia and together with their four months old daughter Vita they’ve come to Positano to get married. And they could not have picked a better spot. The day rushed past in a blur of Italian Swing music, pasta, wine, cake and – as always when someone moves halfway across the world – emotional speeches. There was laughing and dancing and a lot of people staring out onto the sea. And who could blame them.

I am forever thankful that you chose me to capture your wedding for you, Sophie and Jonathon! What a way to start your life as a family together.

Shot on Kodak Portra 400 and Tri-X, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

001_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Positano Italy Ferry in Positano Beach in Positano, I taly 006_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 007_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Positano Italy Destination Wedding Invitation for a destination wedding in Positano 010_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Couple portraits in Positano Italy 012_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding A couple portrait shoot in Positano Italy 014_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 015_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 016_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 017_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 018_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 019_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 020_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 021_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Bride getting ready at a destination wedding in Positano 023_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 024_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 025_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Bridal preparations at a destination wedding in Positano Italy 027_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 028_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 029_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 030_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 031_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 032_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 033_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Groom getting ready for a destination wedding in Positano 035_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 036_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 037_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 038_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 039_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Ceremony view for a destination wedding in Positano Italy 041_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 042_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 043_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 044_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 045_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 046_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 047_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 048_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Amalfi Coast destination wedding in Positano Italy 050_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Amalfi Coast destination wedding in Positano Italy 052_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 053_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Drinks reception at a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast 055_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 056_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 057_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 058_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 059_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Amalfi Coast destination wedding Positano destination wedding 062_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 063_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 064_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 065_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 066_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 067_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 068_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 069_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 070_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 071_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 072_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Positano destination wedding 074_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 075_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 076_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 077_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 078_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 079_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 080_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding Destination wedding Amalfi Coast Italy 082_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 083_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 084_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 085_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 086_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding 087_annkathrinkoch_positano_italy_wedding


© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2014. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without my permission.

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Wahnsinnig schön, da möchte man sofort auch dort heiraten. Den Stress dort sieht man überhaupt nicht


Breathtakingly beautiful, the photography and the place.


Simply stunning, im a big fan!


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