Hong Kong engagement portraits photographed on film


When I went to Hong Kong a few weeks ago I did not go for a holiday. Candice and Tim are the reason I suddenly found myself stepping off a long flight and into this incredible city.

These two have a destination wedding planned for later this year and wanted their engagement portraits to show where they live – in Hong Kong. With inspiring organisational skills Candice put together a plan for the day that took us pretty much everywhere. We started out in Sheung Wan which almost reminded me of European cities in the summer, with people having breakfast outside in the sun, little boutique shops and new futuristic buildings rubbing shoulders with the old and historical. Except that suddenly there was a temple or a stall selling chicken heads and when you looked up into the dizzying jungle of towering buildings it wasn’t quite so European any more. Candice and Tim showed me the Botanical Gardens, the view from the Peak (hidden behind clouds as usual), the Kowloon skyline from Tamar Park and Hong Kong Island from the opposite river bank. We took the Star Ferry just as the sun was starting to sink into the sea, with a warm breeze in our hair and the golden glow reflected by all those buildings. Over on the Kowloon side we ended the day wandering the streets some more in this city that never really goes dark.

Thank you for welcoming me into your lives for a while and for sharing this amazing place with me, you two. I’m counting down the days until we see each other again.

All shot on Fuji 400h and Kodak Portra 400, developed and scanned by the FIND lab.

Hong Kong Portrait Photography Couple portraits in Hong Kong Engagement session in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_005 Film portrait session in Hong Kong Sheung Wan Hong Kong portraits shot on film Film engagement portraits in Hong Kong annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_009 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_010 A couple in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong photographed on film Sheung Wan Hong Kong temple Man Mo temple Hong Kong Portrait photography Man Mo temple Sheung Wan Sheung Wan Man Mo temple annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_016 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_017 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_018 Botanical Gardens Hong Kong Engagement portraits Hong Kong annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_021 Beautiful engagement session in Hong Kong photographed on film annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_023 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_024 Peak tram Hong Kong portraits annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_026 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_027 Hong Kong engagement photos annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_029 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_030 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_031 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_032 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_033 Couple portraits in Tamar Park, Hong Kong Film portrait photography Hong Kong annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_036 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_037 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_038 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_039 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_040 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_041 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_042 Star Ferry Hong Kong portraits annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_044 Engagement portraits Hong Kong Star Ferry annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_046 Kowloon Hong Kong portraits annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_049 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_050 annkathrinkoch_hong_kong_portrait_photography_053

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2014. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without my permission.

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That first ferry image with the sun blowing out the colors … seriously?!


Wow Ann, your best yet! Those shots on the ferry x


I don’t know how you manage to make portraiture look this casual but this crafted at the same time. You are a legend.


Thank you Ann for capturing these gorgeous photos!! Tim and I will treasure these forever xx


Fantastic and really inspiring Ann-Kathrin. The couple must be very pleased – they are lovely and you obviously made them relax in front of the camera. Great job!


Wonderful photos! I love Hong Kong!


Ann, I love your style! Great images with so much emotion. Thank you!


Hi Ann!

Love the set and it’s truly inspiring.

Just want to know are all these pic taken with a Medium format camera?
And would like to know how to you control the color especially it was taken indoors and at night? Mind sharing how you do it?


    Ann-Kathrin Koch
    January 25, 2016 4:52 pm

    Hi Kenny, thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it!

    The short answer is that I shoot film until the sun sets and then switch to either black and white (3200 ISO) or digital, with or without flash depending on the quality of light. All film here was shot on a medium format camera (Hasselblad H2).


Love your photos and love that you’re shooting film and medium format :)


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