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A year ago we shivered our way up and down Scottish mountains, our breath forming little white puffs in the air unless it was too wet. There were lush green mountains and slate coloured waters.

Everything is different now. There is still steam and lush green hills but it’s 30 degrees and the plants on those hills look distinctly more jungle like. Victoria and Mark live in Hong Kong and on my recent trip over they showed me around their favourite parts of the city. This included a beautiful little temple tucked away in the small streets of Wan Chai, the famous Blue House, Tai Lung Fung – a small bar bringing back memories of 1960s Hong Kong – and the Wan Chai wet markets. They took me on hikes up those rain forest mountains, we ate all the food (sadly the little piggie custard buns are not pictured) and ended up with our feet in the sand watching the sun set at South Beach Bay on a Sunday night.

Travelling to foreign countries and visiting new cities is always an adventure but spending time with people who live and breathe those cities is priceless. I feel very lucky that Victoria and Mark have become such good friends of mine. Here’s to many more years and international meet ups in our future.

honkong_travel_photography_annkathrinkoch_002 honkong_portraits_wanchai_annkathrinkoch_003 Portrait photography Hong Kong in temple Wan Chai honkong_paktai_temple_annkathrinkoch_005 honkong_temple_wanchai_annkathrinkoch_006 Pak Tai Temple Hong Kong couple portraits honkong_wanchai_portraits_annkathrinkoch_008 honkong_couple_portraits_annkathrinkoch_009 honkong_portrait_session_annkathrinkoch_010 honkong_travel_photography_annkathrinkoch_011 honkong_couple_photography_annkathrinkoch_012 honkong_wanchai_portraits_annkathrinkoch_013 honkong_portrait_photography_annkathrinkoch_014 honkong_portrait_photography_wanchai_annkathrinkoch_015 honkong_wanchai_annkathrinkoch_016 honkong_wanchai_markets_annkathrinkoch_017 honkong_portraits_wanchai_market_annkathrinkoch_018 honkong_markets_portraits_annkathrinkoch_019 honkong_portraits_in_wanchai_annkathrinkoch_020 Couple portraits in Wan CHai Hong Kong at Tai Lung Fung bar Hong Kong Tai Lung Fung Bar in Wan Chai Hong Kong Wan Chai bar Tai Lung Fung honkong_photographer_travel_annkathrinkoch_024 honkong_portraits_hiking_annkathrinkoch_025 honkong_trail_jardins_lookoutannkathrinkoch_026 honkong_beach_photography_annkathrinkoch_027 honkong_beach_portraits_annkathrinkoch_028 honkong_couple_portraits_beach_annkathrinkoch_029 honkong_southbaybeach_annkathrinkoch_030 honkong_portraits_annkathrinkoch_031 honkong_girl_at_beach_annkathrinkoch_032 honkong_portrait_photographer_annkathrinkoch_033 honkong_beach_photography_portraits_annkathrinkoch_034 honkong_southbaybeach_portraits_annkathrinkoch_035 honkong_portraits_couple_annkathrinkoch_036 Couple portraits South Bay Beach Hong Kong honkong_southbay_beach_couple_photography_annkathrinkoch_038 South Bay Beach Hong Kong honkong_sunset_portraits_annkathrinkoch_040

© Ann-Kathrin Koch 2015. Images look best without watermarks on them. Please don’t use the photos without my permission.

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Seriously amazing… You make Hong Kong look SO GOOD!!


Is Hong Kong really that beautiful or are these pictures so good?


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