Mara Olare Orok airstrip in Kenya, October 2017. We take a sharp left turn, swooping over the hot and dusty landscape. Wildebeest scattering in all directions right underneath us, we bump over the rocky ground once we touch down, coming to a halt next to a line up of 5 safari trucks and one single lone tree. “Welcome to the Mara.”

Last October I got to spend a week in Kenya. There were propeller plane rides and bumpy safari cars, hot air balloons as the sun was rising and bonfires before dinner. Being woken from the pouring rain hammering on the roof of my tent and the sound of a herd of water buffaloes making their way through the camp in the early hours of the morning. Standing eye to eye with an elephant, looking straight back at me. Food so good, the sun so bright and the water so clear as I’ve never seen it before. All of this to see two people get married. And to document this time in their life for them. Only the two of them, on their home continent, taking this time to celebrate what it means to them to have found one another.

I’ll always be more grateful than you will ever know that you took me there and shared this experience with me and gave me a chance to see this incredible place for myself. Thank you.

All shot on Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji 400h, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

© 2018 Ann-Kathrin Koch. Images look best without watermarks on them so please don’t use these photos without my permission.

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