It’s early morning in Vernazza and the cobblestoned streets are mainly quiet with the exception of the odd squeaky handcart full of water bottles or crates of oranges being wheeled up the road. I’m making my way down to the quay with a fresh hot tiny pizza in my hand. Yes, I’m having pizza for breakfast. I’m in Cinque Terre for two days, for Hannah and Alex’ wedding. My airbnb room is smack in the middle of the little village and the wedding festivities will be up the hill on either side of main street. But first I’m sitting on the rocks at the very end of the bay, feet dangling in the water, a little breeze going by and the sun on my back. Having breakfast pizza.

Cinque Terre mainly means one thing. Steps. And then more steps. Hot sun. Tiny winding streets. But Hannah and Alex’ wedding in Cinque Terre meant so much more. Throwing hard candy off a balcony in the town square. Seagulls stealing prosciutto off a plate. The sun setting behind rough green hills. Water sparkling a deep shade of turquoise wherever you looked, because being high up above everything means you can see the sea everywhere. This wedding was a small and incredibly loving wedding, kind of like the people in Italy. A perfect fit.

All shot on Fuji 400h and Ilford HP5. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

© 2018 Ann-Kathrin Koch. Images look best without watermarks on them so please don’t use these photos without my permission.

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