I am at the airport right now, on my way to England. In the last few years I have been flying way more than I ever did (or wanted) and whilst I do like airports and planes and the whole idea of flying it is starting to feel a lot like a really boring long bus ride. If the bus had numbered seats, made a lot of noise and sold drinks and snacks on board.

Since I fly so often I can’t really justify buying tiny water bottles for 3,-€ or Caramel Nibbles to go with the 4£ Jamie Oliver magazine (that I only ever really want when I am at the airport) as a treat. If you treat yourself to something all the time it sort of becomes a habit by definition, doesn’t it?

So now I have released my inner German traveller and come prepared. That’s right, I bring chopped veggies and a slightly dented banana to the airport now. This is pure brilliance of course as not only do I have a healthy snack for free (!), I also get to clear out my fridge before leaving without dumping all the half-eaten vegetables on my neighbour.

I thought you may enjoy some live footage of my German snack, so please excuse the iphone photo. I’ll try not to make a habit out of it!

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What? No hard boiled egg in a handkerchief?
(It’s clear you’re only 3/4 German!)


I don’t fly as much as you do, but I still like to bring my own snack ;-)

Safe travels!


Thank you Astrid, I made it here safe and dry.

Marco, I prefer the hard boiled egg in a Tupperware container with some nice chicken wieners. But that’s pretty advanced stuff!


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