Dancing In The Living Room

A week ago it was my dad’s birthday. I wanted to use this opportunity to show you my favourite photo of the two of us.

It’s us dancing in the living room. Back when I was small enough for someone to pick me up my dad would hold me in his arms and sway across the living room rug. Usually singing some sort of song he just made up. To this day I think this has got to be the most comfortable way of dancing, at least for the swayee.


And yes, he did shave that beard off many years ago. But that’s a whole different story. Happy Birthday, Papa!

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Such a sweet photo of the two of you!


Now we know what Michi’s going to look like in a couple years :) Wonderful pictures again, for some reason I immediately want to water the garden, when I look at the first pic!


You dad is so cool.


I agree with Debra, but I don’t think you like it when I say that.


    Thanks, all!
    He really is a cool dad. :)

    Susanne, Michi looks a lot more like my mum and thus exactly like my uncle. But I’m sure he’d dance across a living room rug with a child.
    Steph, I’ll just pretend you mean it the same way as her!


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