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Mallorca in May, Pt. II


I stayed for five days and it rained for four. It was still a 100% upgrade to working at home and I tried to seize every moment of dryness accordingly. On the upside the rainy cool weather left us no choice but to stay inside most evenings where I watched old comedy DVD’s with my...


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Unveiled 2011, London


On Monday I went to London for Unveiled 2011, a BJP wedding photography event held at the Hasselblad UK’s studio. Going to London on a Monday morning is not something I’d endorse as a pleasurable past-time to be honest. But getting up at 5:30 to catch my train and braving the tubes in a muggy...


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Lightroom 3 Pt. 2, Sorting and Rating


This time I want to explain more about my workflow after I have imported all the images (find part 1 of this tutorial here). As I have said before it’s not unusual to come home with 1000 photos or more after a wedding so streamlining the whole editing process is important. After working as a...


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Mallorca in May, Pt. I


It had been five years since I last came here. Big breaths of heavy fragrant air, white sand between toes, salty water dripping from hair, wind whipping through conifers as feet hit the red clay on a rocky path running in the morning, driving along winding country roads listening to Spanish radio commercials, little spicy...


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Juliette & Madeleine


These two live in North Wales, so close to the beach that you can smell it from their garden and see it from their kitchen window. One of them has a doorbell on her bedroom door and the other one a smile reminiscent of Count Dracula. Both have stolen a little corner of my heart,...


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