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It has gotten cold and wet outside. On my morning runs my feet hit slippery leaves scattered on the floor and mud splashes out and all the way up my legs. My breath comes out in little puffs of steam as some leftover sunlight shines through trees turning yellow and orange, with drops of rain on their leaves sparkling like glass.

Whilst I am mourning a summer that never really came I secretly do like this time of year. It means feeling warm and cosy inside, making apple sauce and not-so-secretly buying the first Christmas cookies. The running gets easier too as the colder air is refreshing and it actually makes you feel more energised instead of wanting to pass out from the muggy heat. This week I dug out an old playlist I used to listen to a few years ago during marathon training (there are lots of hours of running during marathon training to fill with playlists) and came across a song I hadn’t heard in a while but which really hit the nail on its head. One line says “I have to lose my idols to find my voice”. This is probably the one single sane bit of advice anyone can get when it comes to being creative and the general idea is being repeated by a lot of smart people. Which brings me to the first item of my things and things list this week:

  • Yet again Chase Jarvis is being all clever and inspirational and stuff. Wise words, said well.
  • The IMAX cinema in Birmingham (which I was just a bit in love with) has undergone major renovations and is an IMAX cinema no more! It is however still a “giant screen” (whatever that means) 3D cinema and we went to check it out this week by watching The Adventures Of Tin Tin. The verdict: the cinema is still fine, the 3D glasses are worse and Tin Tin was amazing. I used to read the comics as a kid and loved every single minute of the film.
  • Autumn has brought us another highlight: Junior Apprentice, now called Young Apprentice. Whilst I love grown-ups who fancy themselves to be business geniuses shout at each other and act like idiotholes I enjoy it even more when it’s 16 year-olds behaving like that. It’s the ultimate entertainment and I am not afraid to say that I AM A FAN. Please tell me I am not the only one?
  • Just in time for the Designer Vintage Bridal Show a few weeks ago I had some new business cards made. But not just any cards – they are letterpress cards! I am so happy with how they turned out that I want each and everyone of you to go and order something (anything!) from the lovely people over at Elegante Press. They are based in Lithuania but ship worldwide. And they are awesome.



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